New Jersey: The Day Before the Presidental Election

As the presidential election dawns up on, tens of millions across the country will be casting their vote for the next president of the United State of America. This election has been quite the headache for many and concerning for others with the rapid emergence of non-political discourse coming from the Trump campaign and supporters.  It is time to come together to ensure that we do not allow this kind of hate speech, unbecoming behavior, polarization, and ineptitude to have a seat at the table. Yes, I’m with HER. I’m with her because she is the most qualified individual to run for office and will work day in and day out to ensure the future of this country!


Tomorrow, at 6 a.m. when the polls open you best be sure that Trump supporters will be showing up at polls to cast their vote. That means that we have to show up at the polls as well! New Jerseyans… I’m looking at you! Yes, New Jersey has a 99.9% chance of going to Hillary…Yes, voting might take some time, but it is necessary to go out and vote to dispel any illusion of “rigging” and to provide America with a clear victor!

Here are some tips and helpful links:

  1. Find out who you will be voting for in your local elections as well by using this Candidates Database. (Eagleton Institute of Politics)
  2. Find out the two ballot questions for New Jersey!

Public Question 1: Casino Expansion Amendment

  1. Permits casino gambling in two additional counties in this State? At present, casino gambling is allowed only in Atlantic City in Atlantic County. Only one casino in each of the two counties would be permitted. Each casino is to be located in a town that is at least 72 miles from Atlantic City. The amendment would allow certain persons to apply first for a casino license.
    • A “YES” vote supports allowing the state legislature to pass laws allowing for two additional northern counties to each have one new casino, thereby ending four decades of casinos only being permitted in Atlantic City.
    • A “NO” vote opposes this amendment to establish additional casinos in New Jersey.

My recommendation? Vote NO on 1! The casino industry has not been successful for some time… so what’s going to change now? The proposed plan is to have a multi-million dollar casino built in the Meadowlands. While it provides temporary jobs in construction and running the casino it will also cause Atlantic City Casinos to close down and cost thousands their jobs.

Additional reasons:

  • Increase in traffic for already traffic burdened areas in Bergen and Hudson County
  • Funding issues with getting the project off the ground (aka your tax dollars might go here)
  • Construction on the Meadowlands can increase flooding to bordering towns

Public Question 2: Gas Tax Dedicated to Transportation Funding Amendment

  1. Provides that an additional three cents of the current motor fuels tax on diesel fuel, which is not dedicated for transportation purposes, be dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund. In doing so, the entire State tax on diesel fuel would be used for transportation purposes. The entire State tax on gasoline is currently dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund and used for transportation purposes. The amendment would also provide that all of the revenue from the current State tax on petroleum products gross receipts be dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund. In doing so, the entire State tax on petroleum products gross receipts would be used for transportation purposes. This amendment does not change the current tax on motor fuels or petroleum products gross receipts.
    • A “YES” vote supports this proposal to dedicate all revenue from gas taxes to transportation projects.
    • A “NO” vote opposes this proposal to dedicate all revenue from gas taxes to transportation projects.

My Recommendation? Vote YES on 2! The gas tax is in effect and New Jerseyans are feeling it. Whether you agree with the tax or not is a separate issue, but you now have a say in how the money is used! Voting YES on 1 ensures that the gas tax revenue will go towards transportation infrastructure (roads, bridges, bike lanes, etc.) instead of plugging holes in the general budget other purposes.

  1. Find your polling location by visiting the following this link
  2. Ask your friends and family (text and/or call) if they are voting!
    1. If no, encourage them to vote!
    2. Offer to take them to the polls or accompany them if they are nervous about the process!
  3. VOTE!



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