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Presidential Debate II: The Morning After

Where can I start? The disgusting behavior of Donald Trump, the blatant lies spewed out by a man unfit to even think about becoming president, or the sexist comments and remarks made not only towards Hillary Clinton, but towards all women… the list goes on and on. Today, I find myself especially frustrated and concerned for the future of our country and by the extreme polarization of our political sphere. The rhetoric that has come out of the Trump campaign has me questioning how this man is even contending in this presidential race. Then I am reminded about how the rise of Donald Trump is reflective of the difficulties endured by many Americans, negligence by our public leaders,a sluggish economy, and our society. We have failed to educate, inform, be patient with, and reach out to those who might not have an informed opinion on the world. With 30 days left until Americans hit the polls it is of dire importance to make a collective effort to ensure the longevity of our country.

Whomever assumes office, come 2017, will have to deal with an America polarized by race, culture, xenophobia, and ideologies. While the White House will be buffeted by a flurry of domestic, international, economic, and social issues it will fall upon the American people. This means participating in gubernatorial, congressional, and local elections and holding our elected officials accountable for the needs of their constituents. With each passing year, civic engagement and participation has continued to decrease. The questions then becomes, how do we work to become more inclusive and accepting of those who might have different views than us? How do we get overcome the apathy and indifference that seems to have overcome our country? When is enough, enough? It all starts with our involvement and action!

This is the year and the decision which our country will be held accountable for generations to come. With this in mind we cannot and must not allow Donald Trump to get close to the presidency. Below find some of the things you can do to help and promote a Clinton presidency.

How can you help?

To learn how you can volunteer for the Clinton Campaign visit: Here you can sign up to canvass or take a few hours on a weekend to make some calls at a location near you! If you would like something you can do from home, visit and sign up at to make some calls!

To donate: Probably not as popular but extremely important to run a campaign is money. With small donations the Clinton Campaign can hire staff and pay for materials essential to continue the momentum.

If you are a New Jerseyan that hasn’t registerd to vote please follow this link In my opinion, the most important thing to do is register to vote and to show up on Election Day! New Jersey, we have until October 18th to register to vote and you can do so in person or by mail.

As always, I will continue to provide insight on issues important to me and hopefully some which you might care about and I will never stop working towards the longevity of America. #ImwithHER