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Trump: Where do we go from here?

Marco Rubio, then Ted Cruz, and now John Kasich, the final contender, has exited the race leaving Donald Trump as the lone contender for the Republican Party’s Nomination. What started out to many as a joke has now become a scary reality that is spiraling out of control, but how did it get to this point? Prior to the primaries, the Republican Party  was in significant turmoil, having issues of how it was going to define itself and restructure its identity given the some of the splits in ideology. Now, how does the Republican Party move on from this? Does it embrace Trump as its nominee and hope that he can win against the Democratic nominee? Where do non-Trump Republicans supporters go to? These are many of the questions not only running through my mind but the mind of many Americans.


Or not so much? Americans are surprised that opposing Republican candidates have dropped out and that Trump was able to dominate so easily. I’m not all that surprised that this happened actually I’m surprised it took this long. Early on in the race when Donald “You’re Fired” Trump announced his candidacy the nation saw this as nothing but a joke. How then, has  this misogynistic, racist, and fascist embarrassment come to represent the Republican Party in the race to be the leader of the free world? To me it comes down to a few key problems early on in the primaries:

  • The republican party had too many candidates

Unsure of how to best manage the upcoming election season republicans had issues providing a small number of strong candidates.Starting with 16 republican candidates the polls were divvied up among too many individuals, giving a sensationalist and bombastic Trump an early lead. Here is where the “joke” starts because everyone expected Trump to drive his numbers down due to his attacks against Latinos, Muslims, women, and other demographic groups, but it never happened. None of the other candidates would dare to challenge Trump in fear of taking themselves out of the race by doing so.

  • The media loved him and only him

Week in and week out Trump would say something offensive and suffer no repercussion for it albeit he was expecting it. He used bite-sized phrases that could easily be used by media and be shared on social networks without having to distribute the material himself. All cameras were waiting on Trump’s every word anticipating the next ridiculous thing that would come out of his mouth and he used this to his advantage. This became the norm, spread like wildfire, and became acceptable by the general public in the exercise of democracy.

  • A frustrated country

Trump’s rise to the top was made possible by striking a chord with many frustrated Americans angry at the “establishment” and looking for someone who would represent them and vocalize their anger. Trump has effectively played on the fears of non-white outsiders by calling to build a wall between the US and its neighbors, calling Mexican immigrants rapists, and a call to ban Muslims from coming into the country.

Who’s laughing now?

Well, Trump is and I guess so are his supporters seeing as how they have secured the opportunity to put their front man in the White House this November. Traditional Republicans (If anyone knows what they are anymore) might just have to bite the bullet this year. The current split within the party is between party members looking to secure the White House at any cost and those who would rather lose this presidential election, recollect themselves, and have a better frontrunner in 2020. Another difficulty is for republican voters who will not vote for Trump but would rather not vote at all than vote for a democrat. To my republican readers and friends, I am truly sorry for the difficult situation you find yourselves in, but we must at all costs avoid 4 years of Trump. Not voting for anyone is not an option given the gravity of the situation.

What does this mean?

All is not lost (Crosses fingers), there is plenty of time between now and Election Day to ensure that Trump doesn’t become the 45th President of the United States, but it will not be an easy task. It must all start with educating voters, particularly those who might still be unsure of who to vote for. It’s every American’s civic duty to vote and a link to facilitate the process if you are not registered can be found here: Additionally, getting moderate republicans to not just vote along party lines given what is at stake and ensuring that democratic voters show up on Election Day will be of utmost importance because I can assure you that Trump’s voters will show up at any cost.

Side Notes…

I’ve gotten few responses and messages saying that I’m against the Republican Party and want liberals to run the country. It’s not that I’m anti-republican; I’m Anit-Trump. Trump stands against many of the foundational principles that founded this nation and makes our country unique. His rhetoric towards other races, religions, women, and the disabled are not permissible and encourages divisive sentiments within our country. A common argument for voting for Trump are his “economic policies” and his willingness to do anything. I will tackle his economic policy in my next post and why it’s not actually good for the US economy…shocker there again. Thanks for reading!